Tuesday, July 17, 2012

it's raining it's pouring

Part II from yesterday...let's see if I manage to write this one, as well, before the life calls...<3

Pancakes always work for the kids. And a tent. So yesterday afternoon it became both, and we actually had a really good time despite the rain.  Kids' tent was made in a very sophisticated manner of 3 hay poles and couple of white sheets,  and the kids enjoyed a great deal (making it was another story, as my dear husband wasn't overly keen on the project after woken up from his afternoon nap and thought that I could be a little more supportive rather than asking, how come the whole thing fell apart while I ran inside to get some yarn...:D) making a mess inside with blueberries and 2 liters of juice...

Luckily our summer kitchen is covered, otherwise this summer would've been quite disasterous...will be taking some photos for you, when the weather allows...now it's just SAD...


The process of eating these pancakes took around, well - 2 minutes, and we even saw some fighting (seriously, it was like 17 pancakes for each kid..) over the last one - but - mission accomplished. The nothing-to-do whining stopped.

They didn't have any of their supper, but couldn't care less - it's summer time... :)

lettuja, kesäkeititö

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