Tuesday, July 17, 2012

it's blueberry time

Remember I said when we arrived to the summer house, that this summer I will learn to use a camera? Well, finally I thought to charge the thing (until now it's been my phone) and start using it.

I had a grand idea to buy one of those proper cameras, but then someone close by had the wisdom to tell me that I will not have the patience (as I tend to press the ON button on my Canon IXUS and then take the photo) to use it, so don't bother. And and and - guess what? Even the little IXUS has quite many functionalities, when you press the func. set button :).

The hardest parts (my dear professional camera user friends, who are many, pls. feel free to comment ;)) @ this stage of my learning seem to be:

1. have the camera straight (impossible)
2. have whatever you are shooting in the middle of the picture (impossible)
3. have some space around the thing so that the STUFF (wrong coloured and wrong kind and simply STUFF) doesn't come into the picture (completely impossible)
4. to think of the numerous details you would need to think of to have it done proper (like your kids clothing, the spots on the table OR the floor, naaaaa....)
5. Have the white WHITE. GRRRRRR!!!!

Well, it's rainy and while the pancake dough was sitting before the actual frying of the pancakes, I took a few photos. If you are in Finland and listening to the the rain, hopefully these road-side daisies get a smile on your face :).

mustikka-aika, päivänkakkara, valokuvauksen opettelu (ei valokuvaus ;))


  1. I love eating pancakes with my hands ...... and those look scrumptious!!! We are finally getting some warmer weather in our neck of the woods. Those pictures are amazing!!! I am craving pancakes now.

    1. Dear Tracey, my silly photos are NOTHING compared to yours - you should make a guest blog post and show my readers :). AND it is easier to take close-ups - all the ones I try take a little from distance are so embarrasing I don't want to publish them...