Friday, July 13, 2012

birch branch inspiration

Last week I was driving from our summer house to Mikkeli Music Festival, and was wondering, what on earth is happening at Kenkävero, a vicarage just outside of the city!! Never seen so many people at once there!

So in the next round-about, I turned around and went to check. It was the annual handicraft fair, which I had been completely unaware of! Well, as you know, it gets a BIT cold in Finland during the winter, so everything that happens in this country, happens during the summer. Which means that there are multiple things happening each weekend around the country...

So many beautiful things - especially these door decorations and pot holders, to mention a couple, made of birch branches by Päivi Saikkonen were magnificent!!

We might come up with something together for Weranna's Christmas selection, who knows...:)

Käsityöt, käsityöideat, koivunoksa

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