Sunday, July 29, 2012

is crayfish the appetizer or the main course?

The question at least we have each year. (Writer's comment: For this post I was playing with my camera's function for shooting small objects with vivid colors - I like it!! Just too hard to get the focus in the right place :) :) )

When an appetizer, as it usually is during these more 'official' occasions, you are hungry and eat lots of toast and then when the main course is served you are full. When served as a main course it seems too little. Go figure.

Well - we usually serve the crayfish as main course, and this year made some heart shaped snacks for appetizer. 'laxröra' would the stuff be called in Swedish, would salmon spread be the right word to use in English? It is a classic in Scandinavia, our version made of good quality cold smoked salmon (cut small), chives, dill, creme fraische, Philadelphia cheese, Dijon mustard, fish eggs (not necessary), and black pepper. Another version we use too often is for meat lovers: cold smoked reindeer, chives, creme fraische, Philadelphia cheese, Dijon, and black pepper. Both are nice with Cayenne pepper, as well.

The recipe changes every time making it depending what is found in the fridge, so don't be afraid to try :).

Looks nice on the scallop shell and the rye bread, doesn't it?

rapujuhlat, alkupalat, kattausideat

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