Monday, May 7, 2012

Dream home in Rome - part III

This is now the 3rd and final dream world blog post on apartment in Rome - the previous ones you find here: Part I and Part II.

If a mother of 3 would get a few days off in grown-up company a couple of times a year, what would she do? Well - after she is done with staring at the opposite wall the first day? SLEEP! I don't know how I would manage to change my current slightly strange sleeping patterns, though, but at least I would give it a try. Otherwise my fellow-travelers might be a bit irritated when I disappear at 9 p.m., and they are woken up by the clicking of my keyboard latest at 5 a.m.

A tiny bedroom combined with a bath (no need to worry about kids splashing the water all around the place in this haven) and a fireplace. DEFINITELY those shutters!

I would drag there my antique (it is not antique, just very OLD) wrought iron bed, and build from there. Not too much color, I don't think. A vintage chandelier. Some fluffy cushions, like Samantha Holmes Alpaca fur ones. Perhaps some small splashes of lavender? That would work. As we are still dreaming and the budgetary reality hasn't kicked in yet, I would decorate with a couple of nice accessories. Like Manolo shoes and Hermes scarves. GRRR - shouldn't have googled those. Got some shopping ideas. I'm impossible, known fact.

And  - an Eero Aarnio bubble chair. And now you are asking - how is she going to manage all that in the TINY bedroom she mentioned? Well, let's make it a little larger. Large enough to fit my bubble. Haven't exactly bought the renovation dreamer's apartment yet, so we can be flexible here ;).

Have a great Monday, my friends :)!

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