Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Meg Ryan love

How many times have you seen Sleepless in Seattle or You've Got Mail? I've seen them perhaps - 50 times? I'm not sure how many times it requires to know them by heart, but somewhere around that number. I just love Meg Ryan, or merely the roles she plays <3! A little ding-dong lady high on life, enjoying daisies and a nice cup of tea.

Some time ago I was googling for some Martha's Vineyard homes, and saw in a few blogs this Elle Decor article written in 2010 about Meg Ryan's house in Martha's Vineyard. Lovely!! Just the kind of home I would imagine her having, actually.

She also shared her home decor tips - you can read them here.

And the bedrooms:

Pure - lovely, like her :). You can find the images together with some other WOW homes images in - I gather inspiration there when I think the whole home is absolutely stunning. Enjoy :)!

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  1. Just like you I love watching Meg Ryan and the characters she creates. Meg is, was and always will be #1 to me.
    She certainly has used some of her movie earnings wisely in the furnishing of that house. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Oh my gosh ..... I think this is my absolute favorite house! I stumbled across your blog just by googling her house and I think you've got great posts.

  3. Wonderful! I love the way she has mixed and matched different styles. And thank you <3.