Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vaxholm love

If you are ever in Stockholm and have a spare day - Vaxholm is a must. Surprisingly I can't find any proper site which would introduce the island more officially in English, so now it's only my babble about the place ;). It is pure fantastic!

The island is located north of Stockholm, and can be easily reached by car, by bus or by ferry (check leaving from Stockholm city center. The ferries are only extremely full, so be sure to be there on time!

This house pictured above, and in the very first photo, is my favorite. I see myself living there so easily :)! It's like - there's nothing wrong with the house, admiring it from the outside every time I have a chance to visit the island.

Other than wandering around in the town and admiring the scenery, Vaxholm truly offers everything needed for a visitor. There is a nice hotel. There's number of good restaurants and cafes. Small shops, some of them my favorites. Like Magasinet i Waxholm (with a nice restaurant).

But usually - nice lunch, and a walk on the narrow roads does it for me. Enjoy :)!

Some red:

And some pink, of course :):

Mummonmökki, puutalo, syreeni

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  1. Love the blossoms on the trees and that little pink house is to die for.