Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spring love

Pink blossom

Does it happen to you that during spring, when the nature wakes up, you have a desperate need to be part of it somehow? Happens to me  - every year. I start running. During the winter it is more the gym, or some treadmill action indoors, but when the first sunny mornings hit in March - I am OUT!

Pink blossom by the library
Right now it must be prettiest time of all here in our neighborhood. There is a variety of trees with absolutely gorgeous pink blossoms! Now I have no idea what they are, but they are pretty. Need to stop at least 3 times during each jog and just ADMIRE the scene above me. Fab.

The above beauty is on our neighbors yard, just by our driveway. It is a nice entrance and exit way, isn't it?

Apple blossom
Running under this apple tree every morning makes my day :). Have a beautiful Saturday!

vaaleanpunaiset kukinnot, omenapuu, omenapuun kukka

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