Friday, May 18, 2012

Shopping love

Keep calm and go shopping

Riikka went shopping. Yes, in my own warehouse. I wouldn't dare to show you the pictures of the pile delivered to me. A bit embarrassing, even.

But what can I do, seriously, if I haven't bought ANYTHING for my own home for almost a year, as I've been able to satisfy my shopping needs by shopping to Weranna's Warehouse? I mean, it needs to come out EVENTUALLY, right?

And - furthermore - when I shop to the store, or design products, there isn't too many strategies behind it. A couple of simple facts rule - if it meets Weranna's standards, and if I would love to have this in my house, or at our summer house, it may very well be sold in the shop. So it is not very surprising that when I go shopping, it is quite a few items that I just HAVE TO have?

Well, when doing my order, I met with ridiculous dysfunctionalities (does such a word exist? Blogger don't think so) in the shop. I mean - really!! If it weren't mine, I would've not gone through with the process. Like the 'continue shopping' button in the shopping basket - it didn't work!!! Imagine that. And the search field - nothing existed in the store. Some 1 Kenana product, that's it.

Please accept my apologies - I thee promise I will be shopping there more often (:))). Well - everything is now fixed, and you may very well go shopping and I promise, it works now.  And please please please - if you see strangeties (perhaps that word doesn't exist either?), please inform me at info(at) - you will receive something nice as a thank you :)!!

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