Saturday, May 12, 2012

a bit about Weranna's Warehouse

In touch with some Nepalese friends again yesterday, and thought  - I should! I should actually tell you some more about the wonderful organizations and people I have the pleasure to work with. Because whenever I hear from them, I honestly, sincerely, feel good. And smile :). Well, who wouldn't smile when for example the wonderful Nepalese people contact you. They always have only positive and sunny things to say, however hard the situation might be ;), but anyway.

A couple of times I've already written about Samantha Holmes and her wonderful projects around Alpaca and knitted accessories. She's such a sweetheart (can you call a successful business woman that, I wonder?), and therefore it is easy to write a word or two every now and then about her :).

But - there are many wonderful suppliers I feel privileged to work with. Rice, for one. Kenana Knitter Critters (the owl which I'm in love with, everyone knows that) and their beautiful, successful project in Kenya. You will be hearing a lot more about this one in the coming weeks, I promise :). Then there's Balmuir with their luxurious home decoration items. Himla - Swedish home textiles brand supporting the textile industry in Europe by still having their textiles made here. Respect to them. Guthaben - recycling old wood gathered around Cape Town in South Africa and using the local communities to make wonderful picture frames and storage boxes. Fabric Copenhagen - received their delivery yesterday, true luxury throws and cushions made of Vietnamese silk. I opened the large box and tears came to my eyes when I felt the light scent of Vietnam  - scents of my childhood. Chin Thay, On Interiör, Sokevan Käsityö, Blockwallah, Chakra...

Last, but I don't feel least, I would like to mention Cottonhut - Weranna's own 'hut' for some treasures. Working with local Finnish artisans and small enterprises, as well as fair-trade and charity organizations all over the world. I would like to share some details on these projects, as well.

During May you will be hearing a little more of each partner, and merely the reasons why we've chosen to work with them. And with some, it feels like - they somehow chose Weranna's :).

Have a beautiful Saturday - after heavy rain on-off all day, we see the sun here in Stockholm, as well :)!

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