Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer dining

I love those small tags by On Interiör <3. If you have candles at a dinner table decorated with these, I bet even the food tastes perfect ;). Spiced up with happiness. Who wouldn't like statements like 'life is beautiful' and 'dreams are free'. Or 'follow your dreams'.

We found some new use for an antique pastry board - in the old times in Finland, when the kitchens weren't so functional like nowadays, the bread was raised with leaven on top of these boards. We thought it made a really nice base for any kind of a low-level centerpiece!

Having matching blankets for those who get cold easily (yes, I raise my hand ;)) as the evening gets cooler, adds nicely to the atmosphere.

I wish you all beautiful outdoor dining this summer!

kesäjuhlat, kattaus, kesäjuhlien kattaus, syöminen ulkona

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