Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I forgot about travel

I've written before about Samantha Holmes, a great lady steering a brand just like her. We just got her travel shawls to the warehouse, should be out in the shop today here. You'll love them - so soft, and they don't ball or wrinkle. Perfect for flying, it always feels so chilly in the planes during the summer.

And you know what I realized yesterday, chatting with a friend? I've forgotten about travel! I mean not thinking about it, or planning future trips, but actually doing it. How can that be? Shame on me!! I even have the above quote hanging on our dining room wall - and STILL.

Before - it was couple of times a year, at least, some weekend trips with friends to Prague, Budapest, New York (for sure), London...add a family vacation or 2, and some quick getaways with my hubbie. Now? Next to nothing. Well, that has to change.

My latest plan has been to get lost for a week. Like a retreat from the world. You know those vacation organizers who take you somewhere beautiful for a week, you don't even have a name, and you do nothing? Just BE. Well, knowing me, perhaps 2 days would do and then I would be at my computer ;), and if not, scribbling notes on the backs of napkins, but the THOUGHT of doing it is enchanting.

Well - let's see what it will be. I've gathered some must-travels and have-to-visit-again places in
http://pinterest.com/weranna/places-i-d-like-to-go/. You also find the above quotes and origins there (except the one hanging on our wall ;)).


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