Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It's been a week since I posted something - forgive me!! It's been kinda hectic. Today was a beautiful morning in Stockholm, especially in the garden! Look at all the flowers - they are really starting to bloom!

My grey-tones season is getting stronger and stronger, and in these pictures you see partly why - it just gives a perfect background for flowers!! You can almost see the flowers popping OUT of the pictures, as the contrast to grey is so strong.

Below a little more toned, but as beautiful:

A Swedish chain Granit has a great selection for garden this summer. Their style is very basic and to the point. The founders, Susanne Liljenberg and Anett Jorméus, established the company to have some order for things, and they really have perfectly kept their line. The prices are not cheap, but very reasonable. You kind of need everything they have, don't you :)?


Puutarha, kesäpuutarha, kesäinen puutarha, kesäkukat

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