Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer living

We are parked now for 6 weeks at our summer house, so the posts for this time will be of summer living only. Hopefully you enjoy with us :)!

We were finally able to have the opening of our 'Lexington' summer living-room! It is a bit tricky always, as the weather isn't the easiest in this nordic corner of the world...

But - as I've had the great opportunity to live in the south for years - I don't give up.

First our balcony was an open space without ceiling, and was never used. Well, we would carry the dining table outside a few times every summer, but that was basically it. When this happened, we always had so many people over, that it needed to be the big dining table, and in this case it was even a bit tricky to move in the balcony. So after dinner or lunch or whatever, we would carry the table back inside.

With time we realized we need a ceiling for this climate. So we built a glass one, which turned out nicely. And I figured - we spend only a few hours a day eating, so why carry the table outside? Let's have our living room there instead! We had excess furniture from the times we were living in Turkey, so now, we have 2 living rooms! And it really works nicely! We love the space with just right amount of shade, view to the lake, and lots of light! Here's couple of other ideas, there's tons of them, but really not so many from Scandinavia.


This is in UK - but who carries everything inside every time it starts raining? I've learned to use our sauna - if the cushions are soaked, couple of hours in a hot sauna does wonders...


A gazebo is a nice idea for those who have space, but no chance to build a ceiling for the terrace for one reason or the other. We bought ours from Bauhaus for a very reasonable price. It is possible to take it down for the winter, and the ceiling and side curtains hold rain.

I guess you can get the gazebos in all styles and sizes, and in all imaginable price ranges.


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