Monday, June 6, 2011

Dining room project

Our dining room is starting to be finished!!

In one of the very first posts I wrote that we purchased a nice one with burned orange walls. My daughter still thinks it was far prettier then than it is now, and of course I cannot argue with that. The current state just makes me a bit calmer...


And some AFTER pictures:

I managed to find a perfect beige paint for the side walls from K-Rauta - you know how it usually is a bit pinkish, or yellowish, or greenish? Well, this one isn't - it is pure beige!

Here those of you who have read about my dislike for Scandinavian design may LOL - Mirror from Bruka, Aalto vase and my vintage Iittala Festivo candle sticks designed by Timo Sarpaneva. I want to get a whole SEA of them on this altar as my husband so kindly calls my side table...

Frames around old pictures of the family I found in AmandaB store in Mikkeli.

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  1. Ihana tuo beige väri, saako tiedustella sen nimeä ja värikoodia? :)

    1. Hei Minttu, toki :). Olen vaan tämän viikon mökillä hiihtoloman vietossa, joten laitan sen sulle maanantaina!