Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flower garlands

Don't you just love fresh flowers? This was now the second midsummer I managed to have time to PYSSLA (this Swedish word is perfect for what I'm doing, real pyslaamista :), the English translation keeping busy doesn't tell it all, or perhaps it tells too much...) with ingredients found here on our yard. There's no talent or education or anything like that behind what I do, no technique either. But the end results are sufficient for a summer house! For the above one I've used only birch twigs as a basis, bigger ones on the bottom, and some Spiraea (angervo in Finnish) and Geranium (pelargonia) blossoms for color. Tie it with some yarn here and there, and Voilá!

Last year I had a bit more time (=youngest now 14 months was then 2 months), and made a long one for a long dinner table.

The nice thing is that when you have them overnight in a vase filled with water, they manage to stay quite fresh for 2 days - just enough for any celebration. And it's for free, so no need to worry about the 100 euros you spent when you purchase these from a professional.

There is a big difference, for sure:

The above three are from They are created by Francoise Weeks, which didn't surprise me, when I learned this - why is it that some people just have that certain something, and then you always end up adoring just THEIR work?

Nice ideas also at

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