Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The wonderful UHTUA Jouki

There's a lot of WOOD in interior design now-a-days. The natural, rough-looking, real thing. I like it. But you know what? So far my mind hasn't adjusted to the thought of having these items in the appartments in the city. Or even a house in the suburbs. They just kind of belong to the summer house, or your mountain hut, or a skiing resort in Lapland. Perhaps the Finnish takkahuone (fire-place room) where you spend time after sauna and cool off, could welcome these, but even that hardly.

But here - YES!! On the porch of a smoke sauna beside a lake - that's where it belongs.

Or this in a boat house:

Skönahem 072011

Feel free and think I don't have a fresh vision on this! It just looks - well, too TRIED to have something different. I guess a few years back it would've been called 'he just doesn't have an eye for home decor', but now its IN. It is like having a crystal chandelier in a log house, just the other way.

Skönahem 072011


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