Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew


Pots for garden...they come in all styles and sizes, but I (and bunch of others looking at the queues at Ulriksdals slottsträdgård, who have the license to sell these planters) think the best come from the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew -collection. The history of the garden, situated about 10 km from London, dates back some 250 years, so they might know a thing or two about gardening...it is nice to know that when you purchase one (or more :)) of these beautiful pots, you at the same time support the scientific work carried out there, AND help maintain a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site!

Personally I LOVE the white and off-white pots - here some examples:

Aren't they pretty?

puutarha, puutarharuukut, puutarhan somisus, pihan sisustus, kukkaruukut

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