Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vietnamese silk from Fabric Copenhagen

Not so simple to get on the front cover of ELLE DECOR? No, but Annette with her Fabric Copenhagen textiles managed. Her products made by a family business in Vietnam are so delicious...Of course I have soft spot in my heart for everything that is made in Vietnam or coming from Vietnam because of my childhood years there, but I can't imagine not loving these products even if they didn't bring back all the warm memories.

Fabric Copenhagen was created during a trip to Vietnam 10 years ago. Back then textile designer Annette Egholm discovered not only Vietnam's natural beauty, unique culture and friendly people, but at a local market, she found a silk fabric that was so beautiful and soft that she just had to have it. 

Back in Denmark, she began to create a design for the material and the idea for the most delicious pillows and blankets was born.  And they are just wonderful, aren't they?

You can find the throws and cushions in Weranna's ethnic collection, the luxury ethnic beauties are a true passion for me at the moment. You fancy something you don't see there - just drop me an email from the shop. We are getting some new colors, hopefully already next week (might get a bit of hint on these photos ;) ;)) - stay tuned!

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