Monday, August 13, 2012

Portobello road market

I mostly enjoy calm colors around me - pebblestones style. Different hues of brown, grey, white, pink, lavender.

But sometimes - a true color inspiration is in place! Here I had such a hard time deciding whether to look up or down or something in between...added with sunny +24 C, some reggae music and the scent of Belgian waffles one could say that all the senses got exactly what the doctor ordered...

Luckily I was a bit short of time - otherwise 1 container would've not been enough to bring home all the things I stopped to admire...

The above shop, Rezai Persian Carpets, was (of course ;)) the one I spent the longest time in...admiring his IKAT and Suzani textiles...and had a really nice chat with him, as well.

Yes, without any doubt, Portobello road became one of my very favorite places on earth. LIKE. LIKE. LIKE.


  1. Oh my ....... thank you for the tour, now I know where to go while there!!! What a fun place and wonderful shops.

    1. Yes Tracey, it was truly wonderful!! Somehow managed to get out of there with only couple of purchases... ;)