Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fall and Winter 2012 trends at Formex

Formex, the largest show on interior design in Scandinavia, is going on until tomorrow, but I thought to give you a little glimpse to what was new and what seemed to remain the same - at least what were the changing trends my eyes caught.

COLORS - Petrol, Heather and Aubergine - from the brightest to the lightest. Brown seemed to be the new black, as the black was present mixed with the trend colors - more about that later  - I thought to post A LOT about color during September. My crazy mathematical mind loves the NCS  - Nordic Color System it is called. You'll see what I mean :).

MATERIALS - lots of linen, velvet and leather. Linen cushions and all kinds of home textiles. LAMP SHADES made of Asian baskets (this was hilarious!! - remember my DIY lampshade in Werannas Facebook? That style.) For example Watt&Veke had this kind of pendant in their selection, made of split bamboo.

TEXTURES - continued to be on the rough side, and also lots of ruffle and smocking. Just TEXTURE,  whatever kind.

PATTERNS - Ethnic. Batik, IKAT etc. Traditional patterns from all over the world, I would say.

PECULIARITIES? I call them such, if they make me smile. If they make me go 'hmmm, interesting...' I usually don't mention in my blog...

- storage boxes covered with knitted textures. Beautiful and such a wonderful DIY idea!!
- Rag rugs made of leather - they have been there before, as well, but this year really seemed to have spread. Unfortunately still the quality seemed to be a little off, as for a lasting rag rug you need to use very long rags, but the idea itself is fantastic.
- Other home decor items made of rag rug

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