Sunday, August 12, 2012

Notting Hill love

Everyone, well at least ALMOST everyone, knows the movie Notting Hill with Hugh Grant as the goofy travel book store owner William Thacker and Julie Roberts as a famous movie star named Anna Scott? They fall in love after Will spills his orange juice all over Anna and so forth. Well, I've seen the movie 72 thousand times and have thought every time doing so that I HAVE to visit Notting Hill. And finally got a chance to do so couple of weeks back :).

Even the walk to Portobello road market (next post about the road itself...) from the tube made me smile :) (following the instructions of a hand-written 'sign' taped on a wall saying something like 'Portobello market first right and second left') . Look now!!

I could so happily live behind any of these gates or doors...eye candy 100%.

I bet all the people here smile all the time and carry their groceries in brown paper bags and live happily ever after with their family :) :).

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