Thursday, August 4, 2011

Marine antique

Without realizing, my blog has been on a very undeserved vacation for almost a month! Sorry for that - the summer was busy, and hot, and - well, PERFECT! Now full of energy and tons of things to write about, this will change!

Do I write a lot about my husband? Perhaps, but you tend to think of the things you love in this world, right :)? Well, he is a big fan of marine antiques, and when we lived in Turkey, we found a really nice shop which sold the rusty, worn-out-kind-of marine antiques.

So quite frequently we would visit the shop, but guess we were one of the few purchasing something every now or then, as the owner decided to go for - what is the term they use for not-so-authentic handbags - REPLICA designer handbags. My guess is he wasn't much of business man when it came to the marine antique pieces, more he loved the things he had in his shop, and I guess appreciated when someone came in to admire the things he had found in auctions. Unfortunately that don't bring too much bread to the table!

Anyway, we shipped our findings to Finland, and lost the most valuable items on the way. Mystically the box with the Russian diving helmet (similar to the below one at Trinity Marine), and the wheel had disappeared! And even more spooky - similar items were sold near the Russian border the same summer at a market place. We don't draw any conclusions, of course.

Secretly it wasn't SOOO bad to loose the items - the above one is only for decoration, and it is big and heavy - where do you put it? Rather I have things with function. The wheel we were planning to turn into a lantern, but now instead we have the black one shown in my post 'black and white inspiration', and it fits far better the long table.

But like everything nice at our house, they need to find their place in our house. If it doesn't exist, it needs to be built. So like the below large lantern - it has waited for our terrace to be ready, now it's waiting for electricity to be pulled in the ceiling. After that it will be used other than sitting on top of a cabinet...

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