Saturday, August 13, 2011

TULU Istanbul

Does it ever happen to you that while driving you all of a sudden step on the breaks ignoring the location AND situation, all because you have seen something absolutely delicious driving by? Well, something like it happened to me on thursday in Eminonu. I scream ‘STOP!!’, get out of the car and run across the street to a haven called TULU, a home decoration store just.... STANDING there. Ahhhhh….
Barching in almost wild (well, wild J), I’m welcomed by the friendliest host – I’m calling her this as it best describes her role during my visit – a friend of the owner Elizabeth Hurley, designer and antique textile specialist. Really, this is the way to do it – my host is able to tell me everything of the pieces they have available, where the inspiration came from for the fabrics I’m admiring, how they are made, and where, and more and more and more.
My dear reader - Fancy some lightning?

Perhaps you have some items you would like to have available, but out of sight?

Or just MAY BEEE need some  new textiles to refresh your home?

Some Mediterranean inspiration?

Or just pure beauty?

And the below marble plates are especially adorable! 

If you are in Istanbul, I would say this is a must :)!

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