Friday, August 12, 2011

Iznik ceramics

While visiting some handicraft stores in Eminonu, Istanbul, I dropped by an old friend’s store selling Iznik ceramics.  What wonderful pieces he had again available! Unfortunately they require some serious packing to bring back home, so I had to settle for one bowl which had gotten broken during our move from Turkey to Sweden.

But the tiles and plates and bowls he has…Instead of the 2 artists he was working with before, he now has 3, each working in their very specific style. They are using both the antique Iznik patterns in their work, as well as creating new ones, like this granate apple (NAR in Turkish) pattern in the below bowl. If you wish to learn more about Iznik, below some good sources:

If you have a chance to visit Turkey,  you have plenty of options to choose from;  from the cheap (or not so cheap depending on your bargaining skills J) pieces sold in all the bazaars to the real antique pieces which are not affordable to most of us, as beautiful as they are. Somewhere in the web there are some pieces sold for $45 000, so you get the picture... These shown here would stand somewhere in between – they are made by artists using mostly the ancient techniques and colors. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…

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