Sunday, August 21, 2011

Alacati Turkey

The summer has started to turn into fall in Sweden, and I keep going back to my photos from Alacati, Turkey, remembering the warm summer breeze (even cool at times!), the fresh lemonade and the wonderful salad offered on many of the Cafe terraces. AHHH, what a place!! Alacati has definately some Greek inspiration, as well, as you see:

But clearly, clearly it is Turkey at its very best. Here you still see Turkish people enjoying their vacation in rather than masses of foreigners. Almost all of the hotels are boutique type small instances rather than huge tourist 'factories' like in the Antalya and Bodrum region. The food is excellent Turkish cooking rather than the tasteless club sandwiches with turkey bacon.

The mayor of the town is a true visionary - he has banned both kebab joints AND plastic chairs in the restaurants :)!

It was such a joy to walk the narrow, winding alleys and admire the small antique stores (only admire, as it is impossible to take anything more than 100 years old out of Turkey) as well as the little shops selling everything imaginable. There are 2 really, really nice home decoration stores next to each other, especially Red Horse - Red House is a must. Cok güzel!!

Matkailu, Turkki, turkkilainen antiikki, oliiviöljyruukku

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