Thursday, January 12, 2012


Back after the fall - a busy such. It is no secret - starting to write this blog made me so itchy about opening finally the home decor store that I just couldn't resist. And there it is now in the web - and it is called Werannas Warehouse.

The dream I had had for years - the first business plans must be from 10 years back. But the work load - heh!! Let's put it this way - someone has learned how to manage with 4-5 hrs of sleep. And you know what? Enjoyed fully every moment of those hours awake!!

Anyways - I promised myself (and the others) - once the store is open, the blog will be continued, as well. But but but - it is tricky. How do I write about home decor without promoting Werannas Warehouse? If I do, You will get tired of me IMMEDIATELY. And most importantly - how to write a blog without promoting other stores and brands, which don't exist in Werannas Warehouse?? Well.

A decision: this blog will continue as it was. It will still be a flow of mind. You will have links to Werannas, but as before - to other sites, as well. Deal?

But here and now - there will be a post of Kenana Knitter Critters. I will be meeting with them, and You will hear the story. It is wonderful. The Owl, you know. (Sorry, I cannot resist!!!!)

There will be a post of Samantha Holmes. The alpaca booties. The story is as wonderful, and deserves to be told.

There will be a post of Rice. Especially the Raffia baskets from Madagaskar.

There will be a posts of some other partners of Werannas. But it is because these stories need to be told and spread. There are good people in this world. They make their living out of helping others, even good business. And that is just wonderful.

Reilu kauppa, käsintehdyt sisustustuotteet, käsintehdyt sisustustekstiilit, Werannan varasto

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