Sunday, July 10, 2011

Black and white inspiration

We had a chance to admire the old steam ships in Puumala a couple of weeks back - the Saimaa steam ship regatta took place in the beginning of July, and these beauties were seen on the go by our summer house.

I see these, and think, hmmm - why do we need other colors than black and white :)? Let's just combine some white furniture, and some black details, and we have a fresh summer house decor!
We have a traditional Finnish blacksmith nearby, his shop is called Goosemeadow, and below some of his fantastic work he has done for us:

Oval chandelier by Goosemeadow blacksmith
The above oval chandelier is a true beauty - we had it custom made as our dining table is 120X300, and anything of standard size looks - well, ridiculous - hanging above it. He got EXACTLY what we were looking at.  I need to remember to post some pictures when I've decorated it for Christmas ;)!

I especially like these cute hooks - they will become a coat rack one of these days!

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