Saturday, July 2, 2011


Skulpturfabriken's seashells
Concrete has been used now for years for things outdoors - flower pots (Granit has some nice ones in their store, just couldn't find on the website), and tiles, and road blocks (best of them shaped like boats or turtles, which both are my favorites when used in correct places).  There was a nice article in the new ELLE interiör (Swedish edition) about Skulpturfabriken in Gotland, Sweden, and it is definately on my list of 'have-to-visit'. And of course Gotland as a whole - it is a wonderful island, a true summer-time travel destination!

Decorating items made of concrete look really nice, and are handy (only heavy, if you fancy moving your things around as much as I do, even from country to country...)

Sköna Hem 07 2011

Now concrete has found its way to our summer kitchen (hurray all of you, who still haven't put on the finishing after 20 years - don't :)!), and our terrace table, and even a coffee table...Hmmm.

Sköna Hem Country 01 2011

The below floor art by San Francisco based Transparent House  is beautiful.


And - if you want your walls to look like concrete (if you've painted them, silly you!), you can get a concrete look-a-like wall-paper, and have the original look back! Plenty of options in the market - I especially adore the Norwegian betongvegg. I adore the photos on their website, as well! Go and check it out - unfortunately I'm not able to share them with you!

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