Sunday, July 3, 2011

About blueberries and chip baskets

Blueberry time
 Blueberries seem to be so early this year! Time to dig out the traditional Finnish chip baskets stained on the bottom despite the greaseproof paper to save it. The chip baskets come in all shapes and sizes, of course, and designed for different use; small baskets for children picking blueberries:

 a little bigger ones for picnic, then mommy's version of blueberry and mushroom basket:

Pinetta's baskets
For buying milk and going to the market place we have a different kind:

Chip basket for milk

Pinetta's market basket
And for sure this wasn't Finnish handicraft, if we didn't have our own versions for sauna wood:

Chip basket for sauna wood

There's even large ones for storage. They are handy, beautiful, and most of all - when you purchase them, the seller don't tell you - please note, that the handles are for decoration only... :). This has happened to me twice this summer, amazing!!

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