Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pumpkin and earthy hues

Yes...when one has too much to do, she starts to play with the camera and the color picker functionality...I give absolutely every credit of this idea to build this kind of color palettes from photos to Jessica behind Design Seeds, but really just wanted to try it out this month with the wonderful color trends.

And give you a hint on what kinds of tools the professionals (not me, I might add...) use to build the color palettes for a living room, for example...

I mentioned some time ago NCS (Natural Color System), which has categorized and coded, I don't know, THOUSANDS of color tones. It is based on a horizontal color circle (yellow, red, blue, green) - yes, we know green shouldn't really be there, but it is ;), placed somewhere on a vertical white-black axis.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? The more black you have, the darker your color is, the more white, the lighter. And every single color is coded! Guess who's logical mind loves THAT :)?

Well, it of course takes a bit of the 'magic' away from the thinking 'the interior designer had a great eye for color...' phrase, but it helps you to understand, why this yellow-green combinations works, and that one - not at all. And why all the colors work just wonderfully in nature...

About the tones above - just to tell you how it works (and for me to see if I got it anywhere right with the tones with plain eye...) - for them to be a perfect match, they should be found on a same page or at least vertically on the same axis...

Well, that dark brown I picked from the picture is a little off, too much red in it, but otherwise - quite okay, wouldn't you say?

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