Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Heather hues

Are you one of those who always eats the best part of the cake first, or leaves it last? Or perhaps don't even think at all which part is the best or the least best ;)?

Well, I always leave it last...like now this 3rd color trend palette for this fall. Don't you just LOVE these colors?? Different hues of pink, purple and violet...they are such energizing colors on a Tuesday morning when you've been woken not-so-voluntarily at 4 a.m...

I am also quite impressed by the photo I've named 'accident' - probably a thousand mistakes when a professional looks at it, but I think it is the best photo I've ever taken ;).

We have lots of products in the shop fitting this color palette - I will be making collages this week so you get the idea what one has in her head when doing the purchases... ;)

syksyn värit, väritrendit, syksy 2012, kanerva

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