Sunday, September 16, 2012

DIY dishcloth

We spent yesterday evening with my sister, and the total 6 children of ours, while the hubbies were running the DN half marathon in Stockholm (go, boys!!!). And my sister said at some point - when I was sitting and crocheting some baby booties for a Xmas something  - 'Riikka, I really envy you for having the time to knit and crochet'. And I thought DO I have the time? Well, I am quite fast after doing it for 30 years or so, for one. That doesn't count in this discussion, as she is probably even faster than me. I don't watch TV (and if I once a month do, I knit while watching). I don't read books (I should, the 'to read' list is getting too long...) and most of all - I knit EVERYWHERE. Perfect when visiting friends, sitting in the train, at the airports, in the plane...

Oh  - and if you see someone crocheting on the Norwegian flight 06:40 am from Stockholm to Helsinki, come and say hi - that would be me :).

Why on earth a dish cloth?? Well, they are pretty!! And when living in the States, I loved the way my family used the wash cloths, as they were called. You use it once, and you stick it into the washing machine. You don't have it there in the sink and on the tap and where EVER for days and weeks like common in Scandinavia.

As promised, below you find the simplest instruction of all time for a dish cloth. If you've done at least some crocheting, you'll finish one in less than 1 hour. If a little more, in 30 minutes. If you wish to purchase the needed Novita Hanko yarn with 50% recycled cotton and the bamboo crochet hook 6,0 mm used, you can get them from the shop. We'll send you the Knit Hit Kit knitting bag together with your purchase :).

For 2 dish cloths you need 1 roll of Novita Hanko yarn and a crochet hook size 6,0 mm.

virkkaus, virkkausohje, tiskirätti ohje

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