Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Carrot soup action

It all starts with pouring a glass of white wine...well, it does. After you've self-picked the organic carrots in the pouring rain and gone absolutely bonkers in the 'pumpkin tunnel'...carefully you've, of course, chosen to wear white tennis shoes...

Somehow I find it strange that I every now and then blog about food - I am really no cook. I am merely a food maker. But this carrot soup is something the whole family loves. It is based on a Turkish lentil soup recipe, just without lentils...guess why? With lentils the color turns kinda greenish I-am-not-mentioning-what-it-looks-like-soup. The lentil soup is really delicious, as well, but not for blogging...

There's really no official recipe - you peel some onions, potatoes and carrots and cut them into reasonable pieces. Then you warm up some oil in a kettle, and cook the veggies in the oil until they start becoming tender. Add some chicken stock (like 1 l or so) and boil until the veggies are well done. Add lots of parsley, or alternatively dill. Use your mixer, add some cream or cream cheese (or both) to taste and warm up again to boiling. Voilá! Done.

I love burlap - perfect if you are bringing a plant over as a gift - I use a plastic bag under so watering is not an issue, and tie a piece of burlap on top of it with some sisal yarn. Can be used for anything, and it really looks pretty!

When my husband came home, he was so happy to see the dinner ready, all cozy and nice...until I say 'don't sit down yet!! Need to take the photos first...' Well, I KINDA did prepare everything for him...sort of.

You see those metal thingies under the candles? They are exactly what you think they are - old custard molds. Found some new kind of use for them :). Nice to use around Xmas time, as well, you'll see.

Lovely evening I must say - and no, our kids don't like the green thingy in the middle of the soup. Mommy carefully removes every particle to her own plate before calling 'food is ready...!'

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