Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Crayfish party place cards

Sometimes it might feel hard to say, doesn't it? It is easier to write.  Well do :)!

We prepared place cards for each guest for the party table, and wrote small messages inside - you make me smile, you are my sunshine, I love our long chats, I love to travel with you...etc. If you invite them to your crayfish party, you've surely done something special together at some point, haven't you?

Of course with some guests it is too hard to pick what to write - I guess 'I love you and everything about you' would do in that case ;).

The scallop shells we are using for appetizer plates I've got some years back from my sister (my FAB sister, whom we are doing the crayfish party this year with) - her neighbor had been catching scallops in Norway, and the ladies, of course, got busy thinking more use to the shells. Beautiful, aren't they?

rapujuhlat, nimikortit, kampasimpukka

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