Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Small Projects - Part I

Why is it that when spring is at the door step I get this crazy urge to change everything? All of a sudden all cushions seem dull, well, everything seems dull, and there is just a need for...CHANGE? At the moment, the list seems quite endless:

1. Transforming the upstairs hall from a walk-through space to a cozy TV corner
2. Hanging up all photos and ting that needs hanging up
3. Finding curtains to the study and boys' room
4. Getting proper furniture for the study
5. Trying desperately to find a suitable mirror to the dining hall, and a shalk board to the kitchen - seems that SevenArt in Finland is the only option - custom-made, that is
6. Finding those cushion covers that are printed in my mind but don't seem to exist
7. Finding a right place to Philippe Starck's (Kartell) Louis Ghost chair - want it, but don't know where to put it. I have this picture on my mind that it needs to be by a window through which I see a green birch tree. Perhaps the picture has landed in my subconsciousness from some magazine...??

8. Painting the living room walls and getting those prints up on the wall that exist currently in my mind (will need probably that I take the pictures myself and get them printed and hang them up)

Why is it actually? In my mind there is a clear picture of something I need. Well, okay, want. But it doesn't exist. It may exist a couple years later, after I've gotten it custom-made, or had it shipped from the end of the world to this corner of the world called Scandinavia. Yes, I live in the wrong place - I just don't get the Nordic simplicity, sorry. I love the Asian simplicity, so it is not about simplicity - the problem is with the Nordic simplicity. Well - there are a couple of nice things. Like Harri Koskinen's Block lamp by Design House Stockholm Or - well, theres a few more. Later about that.

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