Wednesday, April 13, 2011


With 3 kids, I feel I just DON'T HAVE TIME to do anything reasonable. Even though I am Stay-At-Home-Mommy. After buying a 3rd house (yes, crazy, I know), and doing a minor renovation job on it (work that will continue for the next few years, I presume), I DON'T HAVE MONEY- in the spare sense of the word. Perhaps my SAHM status might have something to do with that, as well, but put that aside. And - I DO HAVE ENERGY, and a GREAT PASSION FOR HOUSE DECORATION. So what do I?

I DREAM. I plan and dream; what would I do with this room in that house IF..., what would I do with those walls in the summer house IF..., how would I renovate the bathroom? The terrace? The yard? Turn the 2nd living-room into a pool, perhaps? And dreaming - dreaming of having the chance to participate some interior design courses, perhaps open my own boutique with wonderful, beautiful things to sell to people who appreciate the same style I do, perhaps do some interior design projects on the side...Or vice versa...

This blog is where I've decided to gather my like-to-haves, my notes and plans - and dreams. Some of them might become the reality, majority of them not. Let's see what it will turn out to be!

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