Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter time!

I love celebrations - it gives me a perfect excuse to re-decorate :). At least go through the boxes in the storage room, see if I can find something I want to look at for couple of weeks, and even perhaps buy something new...

EASTER  - the sun is shining (supposedly), and the green grass starts to be visible (at least at this part of the world). So for me - it is about green and yellow! The wonderful, bright colors of daffodils! Actually - our kitchen has been stuck with the apple green color for few years now, can't get it out of my system! It welcomes be bright every morning...when feeling otherwise not so bright. The above 'eggs' I got from AmandaB in February - couldn't resist.

My husband and I appreciate traditions, so the Finnish Easter traditions live strongly in our family - sowing Easter grass with the kids a week earlier, and decorating it then with chicks and Easter eggs; handicrafts like painting eggs for breakfast and decorating willow branches; eating mämmi and lamb... We've learned some new ones, as well, like the Easter Egg Hunt which is very popular in Sweden :).

After moving to Sweden from Turkey, I've always bought the ready handicraft packages from Panduro ( - they are not cheap, but then on the other hand, you don't have to buy excess - you consume everything you buy. Below our last Easters achievements (these photos from Panduros website):

This year, the eggs will be getting this kind of coating:

And something for me, as well:

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