Monday, November 12, 2012

O Christmas tree

Modern Christmas tree

Looking for some new ideas for a Christmas tree? Here you go :).

I had this picture in my mind (those are a bit scary, they NEVER leave voluntarily) of a white Christmas tree, and was really keen on spraying a real spruce/fir, but was told it doesn't work out at all with the natural oil on the needles. So lovely lovely Paulina Arcklin came up with this idea.

As I received the idea among many others, I realized - we are taking down the old birch trees on the yard as we speak. Even material is available there on the spot!

It required 6 quite large nails and some fishing line and a bit of measuring (AND my father-in-law). But unlike the usual projects (you know after saying 'please come, it will only take 30 minutes' we are still going strong after 8 hours...) this actually took only about 30 minutes.

Grey Chrismas

All hand-made (or soon-to-be-hand-made ;)) products seen are available in the store (the basket made of banana tree, the felt slippers, the door mat made of pompoms, the chip baskets, grey xmas balls, the simple Knit Hit Kit cushion cover and the Knit Hit Kit chunky knit cushion cover, as well as the washi tapes) for your feel-good grey Christmas.

PS. I have to have the real Christmas tree, as well. If we are at home and then at the summer place, we have it in both places. Cause I love Christmas. Love. Love.

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  1. Love love love this!!!!! I'm taking notes and think that the gray is beautiful. I have some birch branches and think I might just try creating a tree like that one. Those slippers are so cozy looking.