Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas wrapping paper project - part I

My shoulder is infected. Or some nerves and muscles around the shoulder, to be precise. And it is hurting like...well.  Tried working a little on the computer yesterday, and couldn't. So I thought: I'll just take the day off (being self-employed it was kinda quiet and fast discussion ;))! As running a webshop without being able to use your computer is kinda like a weekend without electricity and water. Or something. Can't do much, is my point.

Took some pain-killers (for the pain), laid on the couch (for the pain) and took a hot bath (for the pain). After a couple of hours I was kinda bored with my day off, and started working again. And while doing plans for next year I thought - well, we actually haven't tried the printing blocks (you find them HERE) with the kids yet!

We had home already some white wrapping paper (I think the IKEA drawing paper roll for kids would be perfect for this, as well) and the printing blocks, of course, so after picking up the kids we dropped by a paint store and got us some red, light grey and dark grey paint and a fine paint roller. With these we arrived home and started our project - It was so simple and fast! I thought we wouldn't be able to do it proper, but the end result is really nice! Especially our 6-year-old son thought this is the best thing - printing sea star and sting-ray skeletons on paper :D (no, their imagination doesn't have any limits).

Just a few hints:

1. Make sure to buy water-soluble paint (especially if you wish to try this with the kids)
2. Pour a small amount of paint on a plate (we used paper plates) and get the paint evenly on the roller from the plate.
3. Place some tissue paper under the paper you wish to have the prints on - this way the block subsides a little and the end-result is more even and precise
4. Wash the printing blocks promptly after use just using a brush, water and soap

The detailed photos in the next post - bye for now :)!

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