Monday, September 30, 2013

Apple rings and Antti Karppinen, 2013 IPA winning photographer

Just to clarify - THESE PHOTOS ARE NOT TAKEN BY ANTTI KARPPINEN :)! Some of Antti's work you can see HERE (there's a slight difference ;)).

Apple rings - Omenachipsit

After receiving only a 2 hr Skype training from Antti Karppinen, 2013 International Portrait Award winning photographer, last Thursday, I think I've accomplished best shots I've ever taken. And I want to thank Antti. Seriously, humbly thank him. Take it from me - he really knows his thing! We were planning to organize a workshop in one of the major cities in Europe during the fall, but that just didn't work out. And everyone being so busy, this was now the best alternative we had at hand before my trip to Kenya on Wednesday (Yes, I am going to see where the Kenana owls are actually being made :)))) !!) 

Apple rings - omenachipsit

Kikoi banana tree plate

Antti knows I am a visual person, and being that, sometimes forms, textures and colors just jump at you. The exceptions from the rule, they somehow glow. Afterwards you look at the photo taken with your phone or  Ixus, and feel disappointed. With me - almost never I capture the object the way I see it.  I know the camera doesn't take the photos, but perhaps it will help at least a little to have a better one to carry around.

And- you know the feeling when you have a new camera in your hand? Okay, here is the on/off and here I shoot...Antti agreed he will show me 5 things to do with the camera. I can say I have a clue of perhaps 1 so far, after 600 kind of serious shots taken during the past 3 days, but it is a start. I am not allowed to use zoom, which was bit of a challenge when there was 4 walls, a huge pile of wood and all kinds of equipment around, but I thought at least this time the best shots are of the intended objects :).

Antti - one more time, thank you! We continue...

Apple rings - Omenachipsit

And oh - about the apple rings! These are just plain. I took out the core, and cut the apples into 1-2 mm thick slices, and had them in 75 C oven for 8 hours. The scent in the house is delicious, but at least my apples sweat, so wipe the oven from inside every hour or so. If the moist is dripping on top of the apples again, the drying is kinda pointless ;).

Oat - Kauralyhde

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  1. Good job girlfriend!!!! Photography is addictive when you finally start having fun and it looks like you were having fun because the pics are gorgeous! Those apple rings look amazing!!! Off to check out Antti Karppinen's site.