Monday, August 12, 2013

Formex Fall 2013 - preparing for the show

Fall 2013 trends - Syksy 2013 trendit - building a DIY stand
The past 2 weeks have been a bit hectic, to put it mildly. Just the way I like it, but sometimes it makes me wonder how do the other entrepreneur mommies with 3 kids manage...

The kinda painting-photoshoot-meet-suppliers-in-Istanbul-join-soft-landing-for-daycare-prepare-for-Formex busy. On top of the normal work and everyday life in a house not yet so organized after our move and summer holidays. But our DIY stand and everything else is now on it's way to Formex, the largest interior design show in Scandinavia. Wish me luck :)?

For the coming season I wanted to go Earthy. Browns and greys, and some muted pastels. Hand-made, natural materials etc., the usual story on that front.

Our space is 33 sqm, and we are presenting 4 main brands + 2 smaller ones, together with some Christmas beauties. How to tie it all together? Some planning action from Paulina combined with my thoughts - with a nude wall and white furniture, of course! It will be so pretty. Weranna's kinda furniture, that is, all recycled or reused somehow.

We need a sofa and some sofa tables (our painted cable crates will do this year, as well), we need some travel trunks, we need some tree trunks, we need some ladders and hangers and some pallets. And a table (my family's dining table, nice to hear the kids cry 'but mommy, where do we eat then??')

The sofa frame and the ladders I just had to order from our trusted carpenter at the summer house - he is the best. 

Our wall panels, which were mussel blue last time, needed paint. This was truly a project, as the tone of the paint REALLY is different when the structure of the paint is different - see below. A hint - when you purchase paint with structure, ALWAYS choose a lighter tone than the one you desire to have. Otherwise you might need to do like I did - paint 3 times. 

Fall 2013 trends - Syksy 2013 trendit - building a DIY stand
Also our bed side tables from our summer house, painted tree trunks, that is, travelled south. Together with our carpets, and cushions - even my pot holders, which are at the moment fully sold out - they will be there telling the story 'we last'. One thing's for sure - I will feel like at home on that stand ;). 

A few days - and you'll see the outcome - I personally cannot wait ;).

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